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10 SEP

Seminar series on Public outreach in Ocean science

DTU Aqua and Center for Ocean Life will host Assistant Professor Diana Payne, University of Connecticut, in the period 15 Sept – 15 Oct.

08 SEP

How can phytoplankton evolution be measured in the field?

A new letter from the Centre in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences picks up the discussion.

04 SEP

New Ocean Life article reveals the significant contribution of the annual zooplankton...

Additionally to the ´biological pump´,the seasonal ´lipid pump´ is highly efficient at sequestering carbon into the deep ocean. It involves the vertical transport and...

03 SEP

Presentation of the Centre of Ocean Life at the Italian Institute of Culture

"OCEAN LIFE- the battle for food and mates from plankton to whales" by Patrizio Mariani. Thursday, 3 ​rd ​ September, 19.30.

07 AUG

New paper from Ocean Life Centre: Characteristic Sizes of Life in the Oceans...

The Ocean Life project "Characteristic Sizes of Life in the Oceans, from Bacteria to Whales" is now available from Annual Reviews in Marine Science. The project investigates...

03 AUG

New popular article on how flagellates feed.

In a popular article in the online journal Thomas and Lasse have summarized some of their recent discoveries of feeding in flagellates. The article is illustrated...

13 JUL

New paper out on trophic trait plasticity

A new paper out in Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology by Anna Törnroos, Marie Nordström, Katri Aarnio and Erik Bonsdorff investigates the plasticity...

22 JUN

New paper in ICES J. of Marine Science: ‘Impacts of the local environment on recruitment...

Is the recruitment variability independent of the stock location? Which environmental variables impact the recruitment of fish stocks? New study demonstrates that the...

22 JUN

Newly graduated PhD in Centre for Ocean Life

The 18th of June 2015, Ocean Life PhD Karin Olsson succesfully defended her PhD titled "Trait-based analysis of reproductive strategies among marine fish".

21 MAY

New paper on copepod prey perception

A new paper in Limnology and Oceanography by Rodrigo Gonçalves and Thomas Kiørboe revises the currently prevailing understanding of how copepods perceive their prey. This...

12 MAY

Gold medal for Thomas Kiørboe

Thomas Kiørboe from Centre for Ocean life received the G.A Hageman Gold medal. 

23 APR

New paper in Physical Review E on “Quiet swimming at low Reynolds number” by Anders...

What does it take for plankton to master stealthy swimming, and why are some breast stroke swimming plankton quiet swimmers? New study addresses these questions using...

09 APR

New visitor in Centre for Ocean Life

Curtis Horne is a new visitor in Centre for Ocean Life. He will be using the existing copepod cultures at DTU Aqua to study the effects of temperature on growth and development...

23 MAR

New paper in J Plankton Research: ‘Reproduction rates under variable food conditions...

What is the key to the invasion success of the comb jelly Mnemiopsis (‘killer’ jelly) to European waters? New study demonstrates that even starving individuals reproduce...

09 MAR

New Paper in Limnology and Oceanography: Ecological niches of open ocean phytoplankton...

Can we aggregate the 20’000 existing phytoplankton species to few groups with similar ecological niches? This new study characterizes the ecological niches of 133 taxa...

02 MAR

New paper in Ecology: Interrelations between senescence, life history traits...

Do copepods senesce? And how fast? New study demonstrates that copepods with a risk-taking feeding- and mate-finding behavior senesce earlier and have much shorter average...

26 FEB

Otto the Copepod

In this short story you can help "Otto the Copepod" to find his friends. Swim with him down to the ocean floor and meet all his friends and the other animals that also...

17 FEB

Feeding currents facilitate a mixotrophic way of life

In a new study, researchers from the center describe how mixotrophic microorganisms make use of feeding currents to increase both prey encounter rates and the incoming...

21 DEC

We welcome two new PhD students at the Centre for Ocean Life

We welcome two new PhD students at the Centre for Ocean Life, both beginning on 15 December 2014

18 DEC

New paper: Trade-offs between objectives for ecosystem management of fisheries...

Gedankenexperimente in ecosystem-based fisheries management.

17 DEC

What defines the food size spectrum of copepods?

A new study provides a mechanistic understanding of the food size spectra of the copepod Temora longicornis using an integrated approach including traditional feeding experiments...

08 DEC

Popular scientific article in Aktuel Naturvidenskab: Why do fish lay small eggs...

Fish eggs are far smaller relative to the adult size than is the case for most other aquatic organisms. This is consistent with theoretical predictions of competition...

03 DEC

New PhD-student in Centre for Ocean Life

Sophia Xu is a new PhD-student in Centre for Ocean Life

03 DEC

New original article in Evolutionary Applications

Lise Marty, Ulf Dieckmann, Bruno Ernande: “Fisheries-induced neutral and adaptive evolution in exploited fish populations and consequences for their adaptive potential...

06 NOV

New blog on Biodiversity research in the Baltic sea & life as a postdoc

Interested in reading a bit about biodiversity in the Baltic Sea or life as a young researcher?

06 NOV

New Paper: Mechanisms behind the metabolic flexibility of an invasive comb jelly

The comb jelly Mnemiopsis leidyi is an invasive comb species which has successfully established itself in European seas. We analyze numerous data on this species eco...

18 SEP

Navish Wadhwa wins Young Scientist Award

Navish Wadhwa has won the Young Scientist Award at the the 10th European Fluid Mechanics Conference in Copenhagen

11 SEP

Inter and intra specific diurnal habitat selection of zooplankton during the spring...

During the PhD course “Fate of the Arctic spring bloom” organized by Torkel Gissel Nielsen in 2012, we went out to sample the zooplankton community day and night with...

11 SEP

Ocean Life popular scientific talks about life in a changing ocean

"The invisible life in the ocean", "How many fish are there in the sea" and "Microscopic meat eating plants of the ocean", those are some of the subjects presented by...

04 SEP

New Ocean Life article in American Naturalist: Capital versus income breeding...

In this latest contribution from Ocean Life, Sainmont and co-authors show that optimal breeding strategy is tied to size at maturity and varies with latitude and the duration...

29 AUG

New paper: A cascade of warming impacts brings bluefin tuna to Greenland waters...

We document the presence of a large highly migratory fish species, bluefin tuna Thunnus thynnus , in east Greenland (Denmark Strait) waters during August 2012. This location...

07 AUG

Why do males and females differ in size?

Males of pelagic copepods are consistently smaller than the females. A new study from Centre for Ocean Life describes the patterns for 400 species and suggests a simple...

31 JUL

New paper in Ecology letters: Shape shifting pelagic invertebrates resolve longstanding...

In a new paper in Ecology Letters, we use the diverse shape shifting abilities of pelagic invertebrates to test competing theories of how metabolism scales with body size...

29 JUL

How zooplankton hide. New article in PNAS.

Zooplankton have developed propulsion mechanisms and swimming modes that minimise the fluid disturbance that they generate. New study from Centre for Ocean Life has discovered...

08 JUL

Two new popular science articles in Aktuel Naturvidenskab

Thomas and Mie has published an article on sexual selection in zooplankton: 'Lækre lopper scorer bedst', and Nis has published one with the title "Fiskeyngel er fremtidens...

26 JUN

Physics of swimming in copepods: from nauplii to adults

A new paper by Navish, Anders, and Thomas describes the hydrodynamic and energetic changes experienced by copepods, as they go through their development from nauplii to...

23 MAY

A life-history evaluation of the impact of maternal effects on recruitment and...

A life-history evaluation of the impact of maternal effects on recruitment and fisheries reference points Núria Calduch-Verdiell, Brian R. MacKenzie, James W. Vaupel...

09 MAY

Non-consumptive effects of predator presence on reproduction

A new article by an international research team explores the non-consumptive effects of predators in a coastal copepod. J Heuschele, S Ceballos, CM Andersen Borg, O...

29 APR

New members for the Centre

One new PhD student and one new Postdoc will start their work on May 1st.

10 APR

The chemical ecology of copepods

Jan Heuschele and Erik Selander The chemical ecology of copepods Journal of Plankton Research. (2014) doi:10.1093/plankt/fbu025

04 APR

Quantifying where species lie on the supply-demand spectrum

A new paper by Lika and coworkers in the Journal of Theoretical Biology quantifies where species lie on the supply-demand spectrum.   Konstadia Lika, Starrlight Augustine...

01 APR

Julie Sainmont PhD defence

Julie Sainmont will defend her PhD Thesis on Tuesday, 8th of April!

25 MAR

Low fertilization rates in pelagic copepods

Sara Ceballos, Mie Hylstofte Sichlau, Jan Heuschele, and Thomas Kiørboe  Low fertilization rates in a pelagic copepod caused by sexual selection? Journal of Plankton...

21 MAR

Collective memory in fish migration

A new study about the importance of collective memory for fish migration was just published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface

14 MAR

Article discussed on discusses the new American Naturalist article

07 MAR

New popular article in Aktuel Naturvidenskab

Thomas, Anders and Tomas explore in a popular science article in Aktuel Naturvidenskab the cross-disciplinary work of physicists and biologists.

27 FEB

New Research Scientist arrived

Martin Lindegren is a new research scientist at the Centre for Ocean Life.

27 FEB

New article in American Naturalist

New article by Thomas Kiørboe and Andrew Hirst in American Naturalist: Marine organisms, from microscopic flagellates to large fish, are strikingly similar in their feeding...

13 JAN

Annual Report 2013

The new annual report of the Centre for Ocean Life is now online available.

13 JAN

Jens Krause presents in Kaffeklubben 23 January 2014

Jens Krause (HU Berlin) presents at the Kaffeklubben on the 23rd of January, 13:00 at DTU Aqua, Kavalergården 6, 2920 Charlottenlund: "Social Networks and Collective Behaviour...

19 DEC

2013 Annual retreat report

We are happy to announce that the annual retreat was a great success

04 DEC

The consequences of balanced harvesting of fish communities

A new article in Proceedings of the Royal Society B about the effects of balanced fishing from Nis Jacobsen et al. Click through if you want to know more

04 DEC

New Phd and Postdoc positions

The Centre of Ocean Life has 2 new job openings!

27 NOV

2013 Annual meeting

The programme for the 2nd annual meeting of the Centre for Ocean life is ready. Learn more about it below

19 NOV

New article on

Samuel Hylander and Thomas Kiørboe have a new article about "copepod sunscreen use" on

14 OCT

Fitness costs and benefits of UV exposure

Hylander S, Grenvald JC and Kiørboe T (2013). Fitness costs and benefits of ultraviolet radiation exposure in marine pelagic copepods. Functional Ecology. doi: 10.1111...

14 OCT

Plos ONE Appendicularian article

Lombard F, Guidi L, Kiørboe T (2013). Effect of Type and Concentration of Ballasting Particles on Sinking Rate of Marine Snow Produced by the Appendicularian Oikopleura...

27 SEP

Impressions from the Trait based workshop

The pictures of the "Trait based approaches to Ocean Life" workshop are now online on the conference homepage.  Click here to go to the gallery.

25 SEP

New article in L&O: Zooplankton body composition

T. Kiørboe. (2013). Zooplankton body composition. Limnol. Oceanogr., 58(5), 1843-1850

02 SEP

Trait based workshop 2013

Last week the Centre for Ocean Life was happy to host the "Trait based approaches to Ocean Life" workshop

30 AUG

New article in L&O

Tiselius P, Saiz E, Kiørboe T. (2013). Sensory capabilities and food capture of two small copepods,  Paracalanus parvus  and Pseudocalanus  sp.  Limnol Oceanogr.58: 1657...

16 AUG

New Visiting Professor at Centre for Ocean Life

We are happy to welcome Danny Grünbaum at the Centre for Ocean Life. He is a Visiting Professor who is joining us from the University of Washington. Below he introduces...

06 AUG

New Article in Geosciences

AEF Prowe, M Pahlow, S Dutkiewicz and A Oschlies. Small diversity effects on ocean primary production under environmental change in a diversity-resolving ocean ecosystem...

02 AUG

Plankton med helgardering

New popular science article about mixotrophy and stolen chloroplasts by Lasse Tor Nielsen and Thomas Kiørboe

12 JUL

New PhD Scholarships available

A number of 3-year PhD scholarships within the general topic of Marine Ecology are currently available at the Centre for Ocean Life.

06 JUL

Havets dufte

New popular science article about "Havets dufte" (the scent of the sea)

25 JUN

New Postdoc arrived

Starrlight Augustine is a new postdoc in the Section at the Centre for Ocean Life. Below, she introduces herself

17 JUN

New Article in PNAS

Erik Andreas Martens, Shashi Thutupalli, Antoine Fourrière, and Oskar Hallatscheka. Chimera states in mechanical oscillator networks.

23 MAY

News and Views in Nature

Mark Payne. Fisheries: Climate change at the dinner table. Nature

22 MAY

Presentation at DTU Physics

Wednesday, May 29, 11:00 in Aud. 31, Building 306: Life at High Reynolds Number 

01 MAY

New PostDoc in the Centre for Ocean Life

As of March 1st 2013 Lasse Tor Nielsen has joined the center in a two-year post doc position examining traits and trade-offs in microzooplankton grazing

24 APR

Upcoming presentation CANCELLED

02 May 2013 at Kavalergården 13:00: The impact of small-scale fluid turbulence on phytoplankton nutrient uptake rates and community structure - CANCELLED

24 APR

Upcoming talk in the Centre for Ocean Life

01 May 2013 at Kavalergården 13:00: Ecological niches of observed phytoplankton species in the global ocean

24 APR

New article in Integrative and Comparative Biology

Kiørboe, T (2013). Attack or Attacked: The Sensory and Fluid Mechanical Constraints of Copepods’ Predator-Prey Interactions. Integrative and Comparative Biology, pp. 1...

12 APR

New Article in Fish and Fisheries

Ken Haste Andersen and Jan E. Beyer. Size structure, not metabolic scaling rules, determines fisheries reference points. Fish and Fisheries

02 APR

New article in JPR

Elena Litchman; Mark D. Ohman; Thomas Kiorboe. Trait-based approaches to zooplankton communities. Journal of Plankton Research 2013; doi: 10.1093/plankt/fbt019

19 MAR

Article in Ecology Letters

Barton AD, Pershing AJ, Litchman E, Record NR, Edwards KF, Finkel ZV, Kiørboe T, and Ward BA. The biogeography of marine plankton traits. Ecology Letters. Doi:10.1111...

19 MAR

New publication in L&O

F. Lombard, M. Koski and T. Kiørboe. Copepods use chemical trails to find sinking marine snow aggregates. Limnol. Oceanogr., 58(1), 2013, 185-192 | DOI: 10.4319/lo.2013...

19 MAR

New article in L&O

Patrizio Mariani, Ken H. Andersen, André W. Visser, Andrew D. Barton and Thomas Kiørboe. Control of plankton seasonal succession by adaptive grazing. Limnol. Oceanogr...

12 MAR

Seminar 18 March 2013

Mary S. Wisz, Ph.D. Aarhus University: Cutting across disciplines to predict ecosystem change in space and time

28 FEB

Joint meeting of Centre for Ocean Life and FNU-network Trait-based Plankton Ecology

On the 10th and 11th of December 2012 the Centre for Ocean Life and the FNU-network Trait-based Plankton Ecology joint for their annual retreat at Sømine station

01 JAN


01 JAN


01 JAN


01 JAN


01 JAN



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