Centre for Ocean Life


Life in the ocean

How will life in the oceans respond to environmental change? With our increasing awareness and concern for human impact on the marine environment and its role in regulating global climate, the need for predicting the future of life in the ocean becomes pressing.

Copepod and prey

Our goals

The goal of the centre is to develop a fundamental understanding and predictive capability of marine ecosystems. It brings together biologists, physicist, chemists, and mathematicians from three Danish universities, funds PhD and postdoctoral fellows, offers PhD summer schools, international workshops, and operates a Researcher Visitors Centre.  

Our toolset

We use state of the art modeling, statistical and experimental techniques to detect and understand the mechanism underlying the interactions between the organisms in the ocean.

Centre for Ocean Life is a Villum Kann Rasmussen Centre of excellence for the study of life in a changing ocean.
26 JUNE 2024