Workshop report, talks and posters

Discussion sessions

We had 3 afternoon discussion sessions during the workshop.
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Book of abstracts - oral and posters

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Slides from talks presented at the workshop

André W Visser:
Behavioral traits and their trade-off in the plankton  

Andrew Barton:
Estimating the Response of North Atlantic Phytoplankton Communities to Climate Change

Anna Törnroos:
Multiple traits and benthic functioning: from toolbox to application in a system rich in functions but poor in species

Christian Jørgensen:
Optimization and evolution of traits in models of fish

Christopher Klausmeier:
Trait-based approaches to species abundance distributions

Colleen Webb:
Using Traits-based Approaches to Understand the Dynamics of Marine Biodiversity and Productivity

Daniel Falster:
Trait-based approaches in plant ecology: successes and future challenges

Esteban Acevedo-Trejos:
Emerging properties of phytoplankton community size structures in regions of contrasting environmental conditions of the Atlantic Ocean

Hans G Dam:
Trait heritability: A Neglected Aspect of Adaptation Studies in Zooplankton

Inga Hense:
Modelling phytoplankton life cycles

Kai Wirtz:
Limits of predictability and mechanistic understanding exposed by trait-based models

Ken H Andersen:
Characteristic sizes of life in the oceans -- from bacteria to whales

Kyle Edwards:
Opportunities and challenges for quantifying functional tradeoffs

Marina Levy:
Phytoplankton diversity affected by oceanic dispersal and mesoscale currents

Mark D Ohman:
Risks and rewards in the zooplankton: nonlinear dependencies on body size

Nicholas R Record:
Emergent copepod communities in an adaptive traitstructured Model

Stephanie Dutkiewicz:
Modeling phytoplankton traits, trade-offs and biogeography

Ursula Gaedke:
Interplay between evolutionary and phenotypic trait changes and biomass dynamics in multi-trophic food webs

Posters presented at the workshop

Allison Smith:
A role for bacterial quorum sensing in remineralization models

Anders Andersen:
Hydrodynamics of Filter Feeding in Choanoflagellates

Andrew Hirst:
Shape shifting resolves conflicts in major theories of metabolic scaling

Andrew Irwin:
Testing the stability of the realized niches of phytoplankton in response to changing climate 

Anna Hickman:
Shedding light on phytoplankton biogeography 

Artur Palacz:
Distribution of plankton functional types in response to changes in their ecological niches 

Benjamin Weigel:
Does decreasing benthic biomass trigger shift in the functional trait composition over time?

Chisato Yoshikawa:
An ecologically flexible type model applied to two contrasting time-series stations in the western North Pacific

Chris Lindemann:
Towards an adaptive evolutionary and ecological trait-based model

Clinton Leach:
Application of size-structured population models to explain the decline in mean body size on the Scotian Shelf 

Daniel Grunbaum:
Effects of unresolved spatial and temporal heterogeneity on diversity and productivity in trait-based consumer-resource models in marine environments

Elena Litchman:
Eco-evolutionary responses of phytoplankton to global Change

Elizabeth Miller:
Trait-wise investigation of phytoplankton communities reveals predictable responses to seasonal environmental variation

Erik A Martens:
Trait-based modeling of trophic chains and seasonal forcing

Friederike Prowe:
Zooplankton feeding traits and community composition in a global ecosystem model

Geir Huse:
Modelling emergent life histories of Calanus finmarchicus

Harvey Tyler-Walters:
Biological Traits Information Catalogue (BIOTIC)

Harvey Tyler-Walters:
Harmonising Marine Species Traits for Mapping and Management

Houshuo Jiang:
Why does the jumping ciliate Mesodinium rubrum possess an equatorially located propulsive ciliary belt?

James Clark:
Environmental selection for small cell size in phytoplankton

Jan Heuschele:
Female choice in eutrophied waters - an individual based model of sticklebacks

Jennifer Hammock:
To Increase Utility, Add More Data; sharing and interoperability for marine trait datasets

Jessica A Bryant:
Temporal Variation in Marine Microbial Trait Diversity

Johanna Yletyinen:
Traits and species interactions affect the response and dynamics of marine social-ecological systems to multiple drivers

Julie Sainmont:
Relative success of Income and Capital breeder in a seasonal environment

Karen Stamieszkin:
A synthesis of copepod fecal pellet characteristics and implications for carbon cycling in the ocean

Karin Olsson:
Offspring size as a strategic life history trait

Katharina Maj Ottosen:
Spatial distribution of cod on the Faroe Plateau

Lasse Tor Nielsen:
Traits and trade-offs in microzooplankton feeding modes: from filter feeding choanoflagellates to ambush feeding dinoflagellates

Lise Marty:
Fisheries-induced neutral and adaptive evolution at the genotypic and phenotypic levels in exploited fish populations

Maria Huete-Ortega:
Size-scaling of phytoplankton abundance and metabolism: a review of recent field and laboratory studies

Martin Hartvig:
Food webs in a changing climate; inter- and intraspecific temperature dependencies

Meike Vogt:
Observation-based plankton biogeography in the global ocean

Nathan Terseleer:
Trait-based representation of diatom diversity in a Plankton Functional Type model

Navish Wadhwa:
Size dependent flow structure changes in swimming copepods

Neil Banas:
Large zooplankton in the warming Bering Sea: ecosystem and life history modeling approaches

Nis Sand Jacobsen:
Comparing ecosystem models as fisheries management tools: a case study in the California current

Pieter Vandromme:
A New Trait-Based Auto-Emergent Model for Zooplankton and Confrontation with Size-Structured Observations from the Bay of Biscay

Rebecca Holt:
Climate-Induced Adaptations of Behaviour and Life History for Atlantic Cod

Rodrigo Gonçalves:
Prey/predator size ratio in feeding of Temora Longicornis

Sachia Jo Traving:
Extracellular enzymes: foraging strategy for free-living marine bacteria

Selina Våge:
Trade-offs between defensive and competitive traits shape the marine microbial food web

Sofia Ferreira:
Estimating phytoplankton phenology metrics from noisy, gappy data

Terje Berge:
Mixotrophy in pigmented flagellates

Yury Zablotski:
Sympatric speciation by optimal specialisation

Yvan Lagadeuc:
Microscale nutrient fluctuations : what functional traits allowing to face?

Zair P Burris:
Copepod sex-ratios may be female-biased at birth

Øystein Varpe:
Optimal life-histories in seasonal environments: modeling copepod strategies
23 JULY 2024