Trait-based Approaches to Ocean Life - 6th International Workshop: Copenhagen, 15-17 August 2023

Thursday 12 Jan 23


Thomas Kiørboe
DTU Aqua
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Andre Visser
DTU Aqua
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Maria Camila Serra Pompei
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Ken Haste Andersen
Professor, Head of Section
DTU Aqua
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Ecosystems are complex machineries, and our ability to predict how multiple drivers and environmental forcing structure communities are limited. One way to represent and understand organisms, communities and ecosystems is to think in terms of 'traits' rather than species, and how the dominant traits emerge in an evolutionary and ecological process from fundamental trade-offs. If we can identify and quantify the tradeoffs between traits, we may have a tool for predicting trait distributions in nature now and in the future. This workshop is the 6th edition of 'Trait-based approaches to Ocean Life', and now returns to Copenhagen, where the first workshop took place in 2013.


Venue: The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, Copenhagen, Denmark

The workshop will focus on 4 interrelated themes:

1. Individuals –identifying key traits and quantifying associated trade-offs
2. Scaling -from individuals to populations and ecosystems
3. Emergent patterns –trait biogeography and phenology
4. Ecosystem functions –from carbon sequestration to food production

Expected number of participant: 80

Scientific committee:
André W Visser. Andrew Barton, Ben Ward,
Camila Serra-Pompei. Daniel Ottmann. David Talmy. Emily Zakem, Ken H Andersen, Thomas Kiørboe

Format: Invited and contributed lectures; Interactive poster sessions; Discussion groups with plenary presentations; informal working groups.

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31 MAY 2023