Seminar series on Public outreach in Ocean science

Thursday 10 Sep 15

DTU Aqua and Center for Ocean Life will host Assistant Professor Diana Payne, University of Connecticut, in the period 15 Sept – 15 Oct.

Diana Payne has a Masters degree in Biology and Estuarine Ecology, and a PhD in Educational Psychology. She is an active member of the US Ocean Literacy community of marine educators and past President of the National Marine Educators Association (NMEA).

As contribution to the Center for Ocean Life, Diana offers to share her professional experience with over 3 seminars (titles and dates below). 

16th Sept, 12am:  (1) How to place your research in societal context (and what career & proposal benefits)

23rd Sept, 12am:  (2) How to explain your research to non-experts?
Part I: Lessons learned from 10yrs NSF-funded COSEE initiative, and how smart outreach can
enhance your research excellence.

14th Oct, 12am: (3) How to explain your research to non-experts?
Part II: How does the public perceive the ocean, and how to place your research in societal
context for a range of non-academic audiences.

LOCATION: Havestuen, Charlottenlund Slot

As most grant proposals now require some form of public outreach and dissemination, Diana has designed the seminars in a way that will hopefully give you ideas on how to deal with outreach, public engagement and ultimately societal impact at proposal level, and gain a few extra points at proposal evaluation.

To sign up for the series, contact Lilian Andersen the latest on the Monday before each session. Lunch will be provided.

You can find more details on Diana Payne click here

We hope you can join for this Ocean Life outreach training seminar series.
12 JULY 2020