Nature News Feature quotes Ocean Life tuna research

Thursday 21 Apr 16


Brian MacKenzie
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Mark Payne
Senior Researcher
DTU Aqua
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Ocean Life research on climate impacts on fish distributions has been quoted in the latest issue of Nature in a "News Feature" article about Greenland's future.  

The research,  published with front-cover coverage in 2014 in the journal Global Change Biology, describes the first scientific evidence of the presence of bluefin tuna near east Greenland in 2012, a location far north of the species’  usual summer feeding habitat.  Warm temperatures are making the area more suitable for bluefin tuna and some of its preferred prey such as Atlantic mackerel.  The study was conducted by Ocean Life colleagues Brian MacKenzie and Mark Payne, together with Jesper Boje (DTU Aqua), Jacob Høyer (DMI) and Helle Siegstad (GNI).

The Nature new article describes the challenges and  opportunities that Greenland faces in the coming years and decades, including those posed by climate change. 

Read the article online or download it here
21 FEBRUARY 2020