Presentation of the Centre of Ocean Life at the Italian Institute of Culture

Thursday 03 Sep 15


Patrizio Mariani
Senior Researcher
DTU Aqua
+45 35 88 33 53

"OCEAN LIFE- the battle for food and mates from plankton to whales" by Patrizio Mariani. Thursday, 3​rd​ September, 19.30.

Thursday, 3rd September, 19.30


OCEAN LIFE - the battle for food and mates from plankton to whales


by Patrizio Mariani
Centre for Ocean Life, Technical University of Denmark, National Institute for Aquatic Resources (DTU Aqua)

"The immense diversity of ocean life is expressed and a myriad of life forms spanning from microbes to fish and mammals including the largest predators on Earth. Complex ecological interactions exist among those ocean life forms with predators and prey sharing the same environment and competing for the same resources. Evolution and natural selection has shaped all these forms in a way that they can all coexist on a subtle equilibrium, which is today threatened by climate change and unsustainable exploitation. In this lecture I will browse through those topics showing the complexity of Ocean Life and presenting the most recent results on the diversity of strategies evolved for food acquisition and predator avoidance. I will do this for a large range of organisms including plankton, fish and apex predators in the today’s ocean."

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21 FEBRUARY 2020