The metabolic footprint of copepods - New Paper

Thursday 10 Mar 16


Thomas Kiørboe
DTU Aqua
+45 35 88 34 01

How do copepods use chemical signaling to communicate? The paper investigates the composition of metabolites exuded from live copepods.

Copepods use chemical signals to communicate. In particular males of many species locate females by means of sex pheromones exuded by the female. But the chemical identity and nature of the signals are unknown. We describe a metabolomics approach to identify the signal molecules and provide a list of pheromone candidate molecules for a common coastal copepod.

Read the paper here

Selander E, Heuschele J, Nylund GM, Pohnert G, Pavia H, Bjærke O, Pender-Healy L, Tiselius P, Kiørboe T (2016)Solid phase extraction and metabolic profiling of exudates from living copepods. PeerJ. 4: e1529.
28 MAY 2020